What are the common faults of air compressors?

Q: What are the common faults of air compressors?

Answer: Air compressors often encounter some problems during use. Introduce some common faults and maintenance methods.

1. The air compressor is still working, but the air supply is insufficient. The air compressor operates at a certain pressure and stops the air tank.

Listen for air leaks in various pipelines outside the air compressor, compressor supply pipelines above the air storage tank, one-way valves, safety valves, pressure switches, etc. If the above problems are eliminated, it may be due to wear on the scalp bowl or exceeding the rated flow rate, and the machine is overloaded. As for the damage to the leather bowl, it must be replaced. The lifespan of an ordinary leather bowl is about 3 years.

2. The air compressor operates intermittently and the air supply is insufficient.

This fault is caused by insufficient voltage. There was a buzzing sound at the beginning. For example, the operating current at this time is too high. The minimum working voltage is 200 volts, making it difficult to start at this voltage. Frequent start-up can lead to an increase in head temperature. Final short-circuit shutdown. When it opens again, it should wait for its temperature to drop before opening. For areas where voltage fluctuations often occur, it is recommended to install automatic voltage stabilizers.

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